RAM Low-End-CPU+RAM oder MID-Range-GPU-Upgrade?

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12. 10. 2020
I'm sure I'll throw stones at myself for this, but here it goes. My desktop died last month (a 9-year-old AMD 8120 with 32 GB of RAM). The motherboard failed, and since my GTX 1050ti failed shortly afterwards, I suspect that the power supply was the culprit.

I currently run a Core2 Q9550 (2.83GHz quad-core) with 8 gigs of Ram (the maximum amount of Ram that this salvaged G41 Express chipset board will take) and a GTX 980.

With the above information, it is clear that I urgently need a new system. But I'm also broke. It was 2020. Mostly my computer hobbies lately are neural network-based projects (implementation, not training). I also do some video and photo editing. Very easy to play (STO, MWO, the free quake).

A friend of mine did the Dell Precision T3500 thing, and he seems pretty happy with it. I went down the rabbit hole on YouTube and found out that I could possibly pick up an LGA 2011 X99 combo kit for less than 200.

Alternatively, I could try to swing a RTX 2060 or a GTX 1660, but I would assume that the CPU/board I have would have sidered the RTX 2060, and the 1660 would not be much of an improvement over the 1050ti (which was not much better in my applications than the 980). Although the system also stopped the 1050 bottlenecks, or their performance was a symptom of an error.

Anyway, what are everyone's thoughts?
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