Fractal Design R5 - clean strip and trial on up panel on moduvent cover

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25. 11. 2017
Hello. I have an question. My case is Fractal Design R5. I have pc few months and of course which is normal many dust on case on up panel on moduvent cover.

Screen from internet case and panel moduvent( not mine screen etc ). Case panel from screen is clean without dust but it is only for show.


There are many dust on my case on up panel on moduvent cover. But…i dont know why some day i saw on moduvent covers a dash,like somebody touched case or cleaned . But like i said i dont touch case, dust in this place dissapeared itself. Is this possible?

A dash and clean strip on the dusty case, as if someone had dragged a pencil's eraser end or a finger across it, and now i am wondering if the strip and dash could possibly have appeared by itself and not caused by someone or something, as if by magic.

I dont have any extra added vents in case. Only gpu and cpu fan. Thats all. I swear i dont touch case and my mother dont touch too. Please explain me . Thanks.

Dash like this , something like this:


Dont have photo to show strip.

Please help. Why that happened? There not bugs in my home,sometimes i saw spiders but they are small and i bet that they dont left trials like this. Dont have pets,no animals. Living with mother, but i am trusting here, she dont touched pc never.
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