Need Help Regarding Keyboard Change

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26. 06. 2021

I am using an Asus laptop and I have already changed this laptop's keyboard one time due to not working. Now again the situation is that the keyboard is not working for some time. I also have tested it with mouse test and cps test portal. So the thing is that I again want to change my laptop keyboard but the service center person said that this not possible again due to some technical problem. He said that once you replace the device keyboard it is not possible to change it again. The laptop's other system is working great, but due to this problem, my laptop becomes useless. Please guide me, What I have to do now next. Advance thanks.

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Hello and welcome,

important things first, it's not allowed to post links like yours.

On your problem. I don't know what this profession of this service supporter is. But in fact a new keyboard will not do any problems to the whole system. Please check all connections. Go to your Hardware Manager and choose your Keyboard. Make a right click and touch "uninstall" or "remove". Then you do another right click an choose "search for new hardware". Windows will detect your keyboard and install the newest driver from update database. That may solve your problem. If this don't work so contact a more professional support.
I had my Asus notebook's keyboard changed twice. One time it was something with the spacebar clicker button which stopped working and the other time pressing Shift key ended up typing 'Z'. Both times they changed my keyboard without any hassle. Always make you have your warranty service card and the actual bill with you.
I don't think you can't change your Asus laptop's keyboard again but if it's true then I suggest you get a separate wired keyboard. HyperX - Alloy Origins 60% Wired Mechanical Linear Red Switch Gaming Keyboard and RGB Back Lighting is the perfect portable gaming keyboard...The red switch clicky sound is just right and not too loud. it's one of the best keyboards.
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