Intel Is my 8700K faulty? WHEA-LOGGER 19 Error Type: Cache hierarchy error.

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25. 11. 2017
Hi. Sorry for problem. But this is related to WHEA-LOGGER EVENT ID: 19. Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error.

My pc:

8700K stock, MTE on, 4700mhz auto clock

Asus Z370 Pro Gaming

16GB DDR 3000MHZ ( XMP ON)

Gtx 1080 Ti Aorus

Corsair 750 Rmi

SSD Crucial 525GB


Windows 10 clean install 1709 Creator Fall Update

Its entries from 21.01.2018( used was 16299.15 build october 2017 ,before meltdown/spectre patch ):

And entry from 16.03.2018 ( The newest build 16299.309 ):

Is my 8700K faulty? It happened only in these two days. In other days no whea-loggers.


01. 12. 2016
In der Nähe von Köln
Hey Sew333,

Have you Test the CPU with prime95?
There a different ways to Check for Errors with Prime 95.

Start prime95 version 26.6 and Start the default run. To make sure that the CPU has No Error run the test for one or two hours or more.

Is there no Error, check Windows for errors.


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25. 11. 2017
All stability tests and gaming , no WHEA errors warnings. Only it happened in 21.01.2018 when system was cleanly installed by pendrive. When system was idling somehow.


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25. 11. 2017
I was checking event logs on 25.10.2018 and had spam of WHEA-LOGGER 19 entries.
They happened when system was idling from 23.10 - 25.10 - 26.10 - 28.10 - 29.10 , so nothing happening in system only spam. Is this reason to worry? My actually Windows 10 is 1803.

I had them too on 21.01 january but they dissapeared after 21.01 january.
Windows 10 1709 build 16299.15 it was.

Like i said.
But now they appeared again after few months ,from 23.10 october -28.10 october and dissapeared again. I must say that i was little surprised that i saw them again after few months especially on idle .
Windows 10 1803 actually.

A spam of:
WHEA Event ID 19 CPU-corrected hw error

A corrected hardware error has occurred.

Reported by component: Processor Core
Error Source: Corrected Machine Check
Error Type: Cache Hierarchy Error

( screens on top of the topic )

Dont have any crashing,no freezing,no bsods,scores are fine etc.

In 23.10 i add only new GPU < Rtx 2080 Ti >, before was 1080 Ti. Coincidence? Anyway no problems with card,no issues etc.

So question. ANyway is this reason to worry or skip it if they stop it again?
Maybe something with voltage or something ( reading reddit ) but they appeared when system was idling ( not gaming ) and i was away from pc. All drivers installed.
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