Can i plug pc on this apartment with older fuse box?

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Deepcool CH780


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25. 11. 2017
Hello. I will be buying new apartment to live. But fuse box is older. Not the newest.

And my question. It will be fine to plug pc in this new apartment with that fuse box,i think it is aluminium,right?

PC WILL BE: Rtx 4090,14900K,1600W PSU

It looks like this ( screen from internet ). Looks like this,not sure i dont take a pic from there. Can i plug pc with that one?

screen of this( not exactly like this but similiar) :



So plug pc on this apartment or look for other apartment?I living in Poland.
Seller of apartment said that electronics was updated 15 years ago. So in 2010 year. But still fuses are old btw.

Also i will be using on only pc and laptop. Other appliances like microwave not.
i'm not an electrician, but it would be too dangerous for me
16A 240V - 3800W - cable cross-section 1,5qmm.

It looks more than 10 years old. This type of black fuse box is more likely to be from the 60s or 70s. But it could have been reused. There is an automatic fuse and also 3 fuses for heavy current. It is not clear whether these are the main fuses or the ones for the cooker. Otherwise, there are many circuits that are individually fused, but I'm not an expert.
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Oki so nothing will happen when i plug pc to that one with older fuses?
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